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Emotional Healing, Reiki, Intuitive Messages, Counselling

Stored emotions and energy blockages can have us feeling anxious, stuck, overly emotional/numb or powerless in life.

I work with you Intuitively combining my skill set, whilst holding a safe space to  to assist you in the healing and letting go process.

Empowering you with skills and knowledge to be able to respond with life, to keep growing and reconnecting with your amazing self!
  Assisting you in finding Your Joy,  Your Inner Balance and the ability to live your truth from your heart 

It's time honey to let go of that heavy emotional bag you are carrying, so you can fly to the heights you deserve xx

 Consult -  2hrs


"Laura made me feel safe from the moment I met her, and we went to depths I didn’t know possible. Her intuitive guidance and healing hands supported me to shift so much that I had been holding. The first time I walked out a session I had such a spring in my step that I floated down the street feeling lighter than I had in longer than I could remember."




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