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Online :
Vibrant Mumma Program

Baby Massage Course

In Person:

Reiki Workshops

Infant Massage Course

Becoming a parent can feel overwhelming! 


Learn how to create a sense of calm, comfort and peace for yourself and your baby.


Through the techniques taught in this nurturing course you will learn how to easily communicate with your baby whilst supporting their emotional and physical development. 


Massage is a tool which will serve you through all stages of infancy and childhood.


The sessions are are brought to you online so you and your partner can do it at your own pace. Fitting it in to what works best for you and bubs.

Some of the benefits can include:

Reduced crying

Improved sleep and regulated sleep patterns

Strengthen the immune system

Relief of discomfort

Assist with colic, wind and constipation

Reduce stress hormones in both baby and parent.

Helps with bonding

Weight gain for infant with low birth weight

and more


What your course includes

Full body massage sequence

Lymphatic and Flexibility exercises

Colic, Wind and constipation sequence.

When and when not to massage

Appropriate oils to use

How to adapt the massage as your child grows

For Parents

Foot Reflexology self care routine

Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage) self care routine

Investment $37

Add a 30 min zoom call to go over any questions and strokes for $30

Vibrant Mumma Program

I don't know about you...but when I became a Mum - the actual Me inside myself kind of shrank....disappeared.

It happened with out me consciously realising it.

My whole focus became on working out how to be a Mum. Whilst also being what I thought I needed to be for everyone else. Looking back the weight of the expectations I put on myself was heavier than I could have ever realised.


My daughter was colicy, hated going to sleep and even as a tiny baby did not stop moving. I was so relieved that I had learnt baby massage. I felt like I had something to do that actually relaxed her and helped with her digestion...and still does!!


It wasn't until I was forced to have time on my own after separating from my husband (while the kids were at his house ). That I realised to the depth Id lost myself. I really had to reconnect with me and meet Laura all over again.


Reconnecting with my passions, gifts, power, and what brings me joy Going through all this is what made me passionate to create this community and course to help you be empowered with skills of Baby Massage, self nurturing, self healing reconnection to your inner goddess and learning meditation. So you can be all the magic that is you whilst also being Mum.

This program will be run in intimate groups on zoom.

4 sessions run  fortnightly 

The Baby massage component is  an online program for you to do at your own pace. 



W/out Baby massage course $47*

If you want to deepen the experience you can include a Intuitive Emotional Healing for


*If you have already learnt baby massage you may also like to gift it to a friend instead.

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