I am a channel to bring through pure high vibrational healing energy that we are all one with. I channel it through to you by gently placing my hands on your body or by distance healing. 

The energy helps to clear blocked energy, emotions, allowing your life force to flow freely through you.

Balancing our energy systems can help all areas of our life, including our mindset, health, expression, sense of empowerment, balance, calm, being less reactive, our intuitive ability, clear expression and so much more.

One hour - $90

Hands on in clinic 

Distance Reiki Session 

"Laura’s energy is nurturing, loving and kind,

I have referred many a friend and will continue to do so

as I truly believe in her and I am living the effects

of her sharing her gifts in this way.

Thank you Laura from my heart to yours."




Reiki is a very simple and powerful healing technique that can easily be learned by anyone - allowing you to channel healing energy for yourself and others - including your children and pets.

If this is something that interests you, would love to hear from you.

In person Consultations are available

in Pottsville, NSW