It is hard to put into words my gratitude for having found Laura Williams and the profound healing that has taken place in our sessions together. Laura made me feel safe from the moment I met her, and we went to depths I didn’t know possible. Her intuitive guidance and healing hands supported me to shift so much that I had been holding. The first time I walked out a session I had such a spring in my step that I floated down the street feeling lighter than I had in longer than I could remember. Every session I have had has been unique and Laura always knows when to pause, when to encourage, she works with you rather than for you and her ability to hold space is next level. Every session she greets me exactly as I am, taking me exactly where I need to go, and I am eternally grateful. Laura’s energy is nurturing, loving and kind, I have referred many a friend and will continue to do so as I truly believe in her and I am living the effects of her sharing her gifts in this way. Thank you Laura from my heart to yours.


                            Intuitive Emotional Healing

Working with Laura has been a journey of discovery, uncovering, unravelling, understanding and healing. Laura has continued to meet me where I am at with simple compassion and no judgement. I have found that Laura has supported my needs and together we find a way to uncover the root cause of pain, patterns, or areas of my life I need support in. Laura has such immense capacity for compassion as she holds beautiful authentic space for nurturing, nourishment while cultivating self-empowerment. Laura drew upon a diverse skillset, knowledge, and practices to assist me, from body work, inner child, channelled guidance, coaching reiki and many other modalities the human mind cannot fully understand yet is so immensely powerful. In my time working with Laura, my outer world has changed a little. But it is how I now respond (rather than react) to situations, people and challenges is where the real, significant changes are. This fundamentally comes back to how I feel in myself, so much happier, grounded, trusting, guided, allowing, and empowered because of my time working with Laura.


                            Intuitive Emotional Healing

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