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Goddess Circles

Crystal Blessingways and Massage

"The circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we're weak and sing with us when we are strong."



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What better way for you and your soul sisters to feel like  Goddesses than to really nurture your feminine sides and feel pampered.

A gathering of Soul Sisters is a magical opportunity to shower the Mama or Bride to Be with love and blessings. It is also a wonderful opportunity for your soul sisters to receive unconditional love and nurturing as a connected group.

While celebrating you can receive a beautiful, nurturing MASSAGE each, tailored to what each individual finds relaxing.

Neck and Shouders OR Hands and Feet.

Enhance your celebration by including a beautiful CRYSTAL BLESSINGWAY. This ceremony is a powerful symbol for the Bride or Mum to be  for the transition on  their new journey in their lives.

A crystal blessingway is a special and meaningful process for the whole group, as it really encourages a deeper heart connection between each individual.

The love and support cultivated by the group during the visualisation whilst charging the crystals  is so special and something that the Mama or Bride to be can take with them a long their new journey.

They can  connect in with the crystals that have been charged with love and beautiful intentions of her soul sisters whenever she feels the need. It is also a special reminder of her day feeling like a Godesss.



- Group Crystal Blessing

- 20 minute massage (for Mama or bride to be)

-Nurture Jar



15min Massage for guests can be added for $20








$20pp for 15mins


(Minimum 8 people or  2 hour booking)

Check out the incredible Klaras house to have your event styled or a pop up picnic created in a magical and feminine way just for you. She is amazing at what she does xx

Goddess Circles are available in the Gold Coast and Byron area.

Please feel free to contact me via email or phone for more information.

0422 376 107



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